What’s this all about?

In order to combat homelessness and help to end the dilemma, it requires public awareness, and not just educating people on homelessness but rather how the effects of society impact those experiencing homelessness. In addition, how the views society have formed has created issues with sheltering systems and the overall treatment of those experiencing homelessness.

Within Canada in the 1990s, the federal government stopped

homeless stats.png
The State of Homelessness in Canada statistics (Gaetz et al, 2014)

funding for affordable housing which resulted in a great increase in Canada’s homelessness crisis (Gaetz et al, 2014). In addition, factors such an inadequate minimum wage, lack of social assistance, the decrease of affordable housing, and the discrimination of certain marginalized groups have been key contributions. We know the problem’s which contribute towards homelessness but have yet to find a solution.

Municipalities are now responsible for funding affordable housing, which is the key solution towards ending homelessness. However, municipalities must vote and decide as to where the city or town funding will go. A lot of it is based on what the people want in the city. Canadian’s see homelessness now as something which is ordinary, and that it will eventually be solved on its own. Heart for the Homeless sets out to bring about more public awareness about the homelessness crisis in Canada.

The reporting system is being used more frequently and generating a lot of public awareness, however, Heart for the Homeless has it all. In order to invoke social change and see some differences within the government, it requires educating the society about homelessness first. In addition, reducing the stereotypes and stigmas associated with those experiencing homelessness such as marginalized communities, substance abusers, and LGBTQQIP2SAA.


Gaetz, S., Gulliver, T., & Richter, T. (2014). The State of Homelessness in Canada: 2014. Toronto: The Homeless Hub Press.


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