Ryerson RYEPride: Spread Queer Youth Love

RyePride is a Queer & Trans student group at Ryerson University that challenges homophobia & transphobia, while also hosting great events & campaigns. Today was their annual RYEPride flag raising at the Quad located at Ryerson. This being the month of pride many organizations and groups are setting out to promote gender equality within the Canadian society.

Images from the RYEPride flag raising in the Ryerson Kerr Hall Quad on June 1st, 2017 (D’Addese, 2017)

Many youth within Canada end up homeless because they are a part of the queer community. A household is a place that provides safety and shelter in order to protect you from the work, however for some youth who come out as LGBTQQIP2SAA they are in households that question this. 25 – 40% of homeless youth are LGBTQ, and there are many reasons which cause them to leave their households such as family conflict and abuse (Abramovich, 2013). Gender is a topic that has become highly questionable over the last 50 years, considering it to have no fluidity. What someone chooses to identify as is all based on their own thinking. There are many youth who are unable to be who they truly are due to the pressures of society. In order to combat queer youth experiencing homelessness then there need to be services that create safe spaces in shelters, households, and overall in the general public.


Many youth that are experiencing homelessness have lost many if not most of the social ties with their family, friends, communities, and school (Daniel & Cukler, 2015). Therefore this leaves them having to form “street families” in order to still have the feeling of those connections. The flag that stays soaring high in the Ryerson University Quad is a reminder to youth who are facing hate towards them for being who they are is powerful. It helps to promote a safe community and shows that there are people who support and accept them apart from who they want to be.

For more information about Ryerson’s Positive Space events see:



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D’Addese, A. (2017). RYEPride Flag Raising [Photograph]. RyePride June 1 Flag Raising, Toronto.

Daniel, L., & Cukler, W. (2015). The 360 project : addressing racism in Toronto. Toronto, ON: Diversity Institute, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University.



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