That Feeling

You ever get that feeling when you’re walking past a person experiencing homelessness to make sure that you’re at a safe distance from them because of course, HOMELESS PEOPLE ARE VIOLENT! Wrong… It has actually been proven that those experiencing homelessness have more hate crimes towards them. Hate crimes are considered a criminal offence which is hate targeted towards a specific group of individuals. These groups may revolve around race, colour, sex, mental disability, and nationality (Dauvergne et al, 2006).

There have been reports of those experiencing homelessness being beaten, burnt, and overall mocked for doing their daily activities (Tutton, 2015). A good percentage of those experiencing homelessness are part of the marginalized community, specifically, in Canada, they are part of the Indigenous community.

Just the other day a security guard was suspended when a video went viral of him throwing his shoes at a man experiencing homelessness in Toronto, ON (Ross, 2017). I find it amazing that the hate crimes towards those experiencing homelessness are going viral due to the use of social media, but I also find it quite saddening that they are happening anyways. Currently, the issue is under investigation but from viewing the video there is not just reason for the security guards actions. In addition, I also find it alarming that no one decided to intervene and stop the altercation. We have become so immune to seeing this on the street that the homeless are basically invisible to us

Homeless shoe throwing
An image caught from the video sent in of a GardaWorld security guard throwing a shoe at a man experiencing homeless (Ross, 2017). 

These type of hate crimes happen towards those experiencing homelessness daily and do not go reported. It is our job as a group to make sure that people are educated about certain communities, and that these hate crimes do not occur. Public awareness is key and this video helps to show that.

To see the entire video: Security guard suspended after video shows him throwing shoes at a homeless man


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