Without a Home: The National Youth Homelessness Survey

Without a Home was the first pan-Canadian national youth homelessness survey conducted by Gaetz et al (2016).  The report focused on how intervening early on to stop youth from experiencing homelessness makes the outcomes less severe. They outlined how there is a need for prevention-focused approaches and Housing First for Youth (H4FY). Prevention-focused approaches focus on getting youth to reconnect with their family members and early intervention through school and communities. Housing First for Youth includes getting youth experiencing homelessness into a household whether that be at home, transitional housing or independent living.

20% of the homeless population includes youth from the ages of 13-24, and many of them are not helped until roughly age 16-18. Many of the young youth who experience homelessness are unable to get any support till later. In addition, prior to youth becoming fully “homeless”, they were suffering from housing instability. These youth are typically LGBTQ2S and they live in a household of conflict and abuse. It is taking too long to help those who are really young experiencing homelessness, society must be taught about youth homelessness in Canada in order to fully combat it. There are no effective strategies in place to fix the issue, therefore some need to be found. Obviously, as a social group people will look at youth experieincing homelessness as “hipsters”, people who want to go against the social norms. This view was only brought about due to the “hobo” and “hippie” movements which occurred in the earlier years, and have now shifted to “hipster”.

A key concept in this study was that it showed that youth are not rebellious when they end up homeless; they are rather looking for a safe haven. In addition, it shows that relationships can be fixed and sometimes it requires external help. If the connections that a youth once had can be restored, or a new one can be made then it helps to keep young youth off the street.

Without a Home: The National Youth Homelessness Survey Report

Also, take a look at their webinar below


Gaetz, S., O’Grady, B., Kidd, S., & Schwan, K. (2016). Without a Home: The National Youth Homelessness Survey. Retrieved from http://homelesshub.ca/YouthWithoutHome


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